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Over the last 4 years, we’ve hosted nearly one hundred 70th, 80th and big anniversary celebrations. With that in mind we’ve teamed up with Chris and Sue who own The Fine Yacht Salamander and are experts in spoiling people rotten for VIP family sailing parties.

The Salamander is a 58ft teak yacht based in the gorgeous Berthon Boatyard in Lymington. Up to 12 people can escape for the day to secret and watery places unknown and undiscovered by most visitors. 

If you’re staying at Gins Barn with us, you can get picked up from the private jetty.

Chris and Sue are themselves are great fun and professional hosts – of the best sort. They are adept at hosting groups of mixed ages (we experienced it ourselves) and we are very pleased to be referring guests to them and their wise, entertaining and generally good hands.

Days tend to start at 9 ish and you’ll be sailing by 9.30am. Lunch somewhere lovely, either on board or at a good local pub (included in the price) and then high tea, which you’ll want to fit in, and roll off the boat at 4 ish. PERFECT!

Budget is around £250 – £350 per person, fully catered, for the day (9am to 5pm). They’ve got a good accessibility guide here to help you work out if granny/grampa can get on board!

Or you stay over-night through New Forest Escapes. Have a look at the Fine Yacht Salamandar in all her glory and book here

Where to go?

There are many lovely destinations to sail to with the Salamander Sailing Adventure including pretty Yarmouth, quiet and idyllic Newtown Creek, the Beaulieu River and Buckler’s Hard all in the sheltered western Solent between the ancient forest. Or go slightly further across the Solent to the picturesque Isle of Wight and it’s dramatic white cliffs by The Needles. You can see the famous Needles close up, circumnavigate the Isle of Wight, make sail for the Jurassic south coast in Dorset visiting Poole, Studland Bay, Worbarrow Bay and Weymouth, or in a little over 10 hours with your passport to hand you can cross the channel to France in your own luxurious ocean-going yacht.