Best Beach Games... Ever

Best Beach Games... Ever

One of the best creative beach ideas we've come across. Particularly good for the age 6 ish but it's easy to make shorter or longer for younger/older kids.

Easy, cheap, fun and very time consuming for the kids… A little bit of parental set-up goes a long way too.

The kids are given a task. Find the buried treasure on the beach (which the parents have pre-buried).


The set up….

Buy/find your treasure. Wrap and prepare it for burying.

Buy/make your treasure chest

Buy/find/make your kids outfits. Pirates need eye-patches and stripes or just their most trashed clothes.

Write up some clues.

Create a map. (Burn the edges with a  candle and soak it in tea for an authentic colouring)

Mention to the kids the story about the smuggling past of the area and the lost wreck just off the coast. Embellish as you see fit… (Really good parents will read The Smuggling History of Hampshire and Dorset by Geoffrey Morley (£0.01p on Amazon so no excuses). It’s also provided in all our holiday rentals for your pleasure). No pressure….

Prepare your chosen beach for the exploration… bury your treasure, set up your clues.

Go forth and let the kids loose….

Take photos of the whole thing and do them up in a picture book online for treasured memories.

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